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Surface Pro 4 / Surface 3 の意外と知らない活用法を発信します

10/1公開! WIndows 10 Technical Previewを試す前に知っておきたい3つのこと



 Announcing Windows 10


間もなく公開!Windows 10 Technical Previewとは?


昨夜、次期WindowsがWindows 10となることが発表されました。合わせて、米国時間10月1日、つまりあと数時間でTechnical Preview版が一般公開されます!


この記事では、Technical Previewに関心を持った方向けに、TPとはいったい何なのか、注意点は何かをまとめてみました。


(1)Technical Previewは一般公開されるが、一般的なユーザー向けではない


Windows 10の正式版が公開されるのは2015年後半の予定であり、まだかなり先です。現時点で公開されるのは開発途上のテスト版。



Tomorrow, we are excited to announce the Windows Insider Program, where PC experts and IT Pros can get access to a technical preview of Windows 10 for desktops and laptops. Soon after, we’ll also be releasing technical previews of Windows Server and our management tools.


With the Insider program, we’re inviting our most enthusiastic Windows customers to shape Windows 10 with us. We know they’re a vocal bunch – and we’re looking forward to hearing from them.


The Windows Insider Program is intended for PC experts and IT pros who are comfortable using pre-release software with variable quality. Insiders will receive a steady stream of early builds from us with the latest features we’re experimenting with.

Announcing Windows 10





(2)Surface 2 & RTは対象外の模様


ZDnetによると、今回のTP版はパソコン用のx86 CPU搭載機のみを対象にしている模様です。


The Enterprise Technical Preview (Build 9841) will work on x86 machines only. Microsoft is not yet making available a test build of the ARM version of Windows 10. Microsoft officials said to expect that more consumer-focused preview to arrive in early 2015. (Previous leaks have pegged availabiity of the consumer preview to the January/February 2015 timeframe).

Microsoft's Windows 10: What's new and how to get the preview bits | ZDNet


残念ながらSurfaceシリーズではProのみで、Surface 2&RTは対象外。次のプレビューを待ちましょう。


(3)"Windows Insider Program"への参加が必要


詳細は追って明らかにするとされていますが、Technical Previewを利用するためには、新しい"Windows Insider Program"に参加することが必要です。


Experience Windows 10, starting tomorrow

We hope that you are as excited about Windows 10 as we are. Starting October 1st, we’ll launch the Windows Insider Program making available a technical preview of Windows 10 for its participants. We welcome your participation in the program where you can be among the first to experience new builds as soon as they’re available and have an opportunity to influence product development decisions through the new Windows Feedback app directly within the product. We’re confident you’ll enjoy Windows 10 and look forward to hearing what developments and new features you are looking forward to for your business.

Introducing Windows 10 for Business










Windows Technical Preview is coming soon - Microsoft Windows



タブレットでWindows 10 TPに突撃してわかった3つの注意事項 - Surface 2 & Pro 3 非公式マニュアル + WP(使い方・活用法)