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Windows RTに未来はあるのか? Terry Myerson氏「ARM版のWindowsには未来ある」



The head of Microsoft's unified operating system group, Terry Myerson, shares more details on Microsoft's one Windows vision in a Q&A with ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley.

Microsoft OS chief Myerson on the future of 'One Windows' | ZDNet


ZDnetがTerry Myerson氏に単独インタビュー。Windowsの未来について語る


MicrosoftウォッチャーMary Jo Foley氏がMicrosoftのOS部門責任者・Terry Myerson氏に単独インタビューを行い、ZDnetに掲載されました。


その中で、Windows RTの未来についてMyerson氏が回答している部分がありましたので、ご紹介します。




Foley氏は、いきなりWindows RTの位置づけについて、直球の質問をぶつけます。


ZDNET: What about Windows RT -- not WinRT, the API (application programming interface) -- but Windows RT, the Windows flavor on ARM? Does that have a future?

MYERSON: Windows ARM processors have a future, and there's tremendous innovation in the ARM ecosystem. I think Intel has a fabulous future. There's tremendous innovation going on with Intel.

We want to take advantage of the innovations in ARM. I think ARM chipsets have a bright, vibrant future, and Windows will run on those chipsets.


Q「Windows RTには未来はありますか?」





続いて、将来のWindows RTとWindows Phoneの融合についての質問。


ZDNET: We've been hearing rumors about the Windows Phone OS and Windows RT somehow becoming a new OS that's different from Windows RT as it exists today. Is that the right way to think about it?

MYERSON: We will have great version of Windows on ARM. One thing we're working through is how do we really delight customers in all the form factors that will have ARM chips.








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